Originally chartered in 1997, the Lakeshore Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) was the first organization of its kind in Oakland, California.  Our membership is composed of property owners on Lakeshore Avenue (between Mandana and Lake Park and from Lake Park to Walker Avenue), and we are funded by required tax assessments. We provide district administration, janitorial, security, and landscaping services, and we also host special events. Barry Gilbert has been our chair since our inception. In June 2018, we hired two part-time administrators.

Carol Knight was the co-owner of Silver Lining Jewelry on Lakeshore Avenue for 28 years. She’s the eyes and ears of our community and serves as the contact person for our merchants and contractors. Email: carol@lakeshoreavenue.com.

Kira Pascoe is employed at Oakland Grown, where she helps promote local businesses. She’s responsible for our website, social media, and business directory. Email: kira@lakeshoreavenue.com.