Trestle Glen Intersection Transformation

If you’ve passed by the intersection of Trestle Glen and  Lakeshore anytime in the past few  weeks, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the new landscaping on the traffic island nestled between the Bank of the West and Wells Fargo. 

Trestle Glen resident, Steve Kopff originally floated the idea of enlisting volunteers to spruce up this triangle in early 2017 – but for whatever reason, his offer wasn’t immediately accepted. After the Lakeshore gardener, Donnie Schneider, departed for an internship in Switzerland, the median quickly deteriorated to the point that Tyrone Mack, the custodian/gardener at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, stepped up to the plate – clearing much of the vegetation and heavily pruning the maple tree that obstructed the vision of drivers turning right onto Lakeshore.  For good measure, Tyrone also cleaned up quantities of trash at the transit plaza where Rand, Lakeshore and Lake Park intersect and also weeded and pruned the vegetation.

With a nearly clean “palette” and, partly inspired by the new landscaping across the street in front of Bardo Lounge and Supper Club, Steve and his co-organizer, Alex Montgomery Preston broke out their shovels and set to work on the Trestle Glen median several weeks ago.  The plant selection was made in consultation with Tora Rocha, the recently retired Oakland Parks Supervisor, who also founded the Pollinator Posse. Due to the heavy traffic in the area, Tora recommended against planting milkweeds and other butterfly host plants.  Instead, they’re focusing on flowering plants that provide nectars and pollens that support beneficial insect populations.  In addition, the mature plants will reach a maximum height of two-three feet in order to preserve sight-lines for pedestrians and drivers.

The median is nearly complete but Steve and Alex have already set their sights at other locations on Lakeshore for which they’d welcome additional volunteers.  As far as funding is concerned, they’ve already raised a substantial amount but have not yet reached their first phase goal. 

More details are available in THIS MESSAGE that Steve sent to neighborhood supporters.